October 2011


Zada MultiTech is committed to excellence in providing the highest quality of services to its clients. We understand what timeliness and efficiency of service delivery means to our clients and believe that there is always room for improvement in the never-ending search for quality.
We are committed to consistently meeting our clients’ expectation on quality service delivery and performance at optimum cost through competent human resource and continual improvement of processes and systems.
We maintain a quality management system with compliance to applicable regulatory requirements and international standards.



October 2011


Zada MultiTech (ZMT), an integrated Safety & Environment Consultancy Company is dedicated to providing a safe and healthy environment for its staff and clients, preserving its assets and properties.

At ZMT, our most valuable resources are the people who work for us; consequently we are committed to employees’ safety because we know that the Occupational Safety and Health Legislation mandate us to provide;

    • A safe place of work
    • Safe methods to work
    • Safe facilities for work

All employees are to promote the safety of not only themselves but their colleagues and clients. They are responsible and accountable for implementing this policy, and the management team is responsible for ensuring its compliance.

To meet our commitment to the health and safety of our personnel and clients, ZMT will abide by these principles anywhere work is carried out under its name;

    • We are all accountable for ourselves and the safety of others in the workplace. Working safely is a condition of employment.
    • Our efforts are focused on prevention of occupational injury and illness; therefore, we will provide requisite training to our employees to empower our incident prevention culture.
    • Safety excellence requires proactive and demonstrated leadership. Management is responsible and accountable.
    • All employees and contractors are accountable for performing their activities in a manner consistent with our Health and Safety policy.
    • When an injury or serious incident occurs, we will thoroughly and completely determine its cause and share the lessons learned with everybody in the organization.
    • We will strive to preserve the environment in which we operate by utilizing resources responsibly and by reducing and eliminating waste from our operations at the source; however, where wastes are generated, they will be handled safely and responsibly.
    • We will meet or exceed compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.