Increasing Safety Awareness,

Creating a Healthy & Safe Workplace,

Protecting the Environment...

Zada MultiTech, an Integrated Safety and Environmental Consulting
Company, is dedicated to assisting businesses, industries and
governments in Nigeria and Sub-Sahara Africa to improve on their safety
and environmental obligations. This is achieved by increasing safety
awareness, creating a healthy and safe workplace and home, protecting
the environment and encouraging the concept of sustainable development
in business practices.

However, an effective, client-specific safety and environmental
management system is key to the long-term viability and survival of any
business. Top Management’s commitment, policies formulation, Hazard and
Effects Management Process, audit and management review are part of this
essential tool. We have the capacity and capability to put together
these, and so much more.

Our core competence as an organization is unambiguous;

  1. Safety of personnel, properties & the general public.
  2. Environmental protection & preservation.